Solid Sterling Music (BMI)

In the context of sync-rights licensing, Solid Sterling Music (SSM) is represented by Americana Music Publishing, Inc. ( Music supervisors may search a database containing more than 300 SSM master sound recordings. 


This website, containing much of the same music, principally is for the purpose of allowing artists, producers, A&R departments and others to peruse SSM's catalog in pursuit of that gem that is exactly what the artist needs for her or his current project. The songs on this site come in a multiplicity of genres (Americana, "blue country R&B," country, pop, and soft jazz). This site features more than 200 songs written by Don Tomlinson alone or written by him and his many cowriters.


The recordings on this site are divided into genres, as indicated on the navigation bar (even though genres are a bit difficult to define these days). Upon request, mp3s (with lyric sheets) on any of these recordings will be sent by CD or email or web link. Recordings are playable when the horizontal bar on the widget is gray.

Copyright & Copyright Clearances

All sound recordings on this site are owned by Solid Sterling Music. All underlying musical compositions are owned by Solid Sterling Music wholly or in conjunction with cowriter publishing companies. Solid Sterling Music either presently has the authority to contract in behalf of its co-publishers or will facilitate clearances with co-publishers.

Solid Sterling Music

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